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4th Qtr 2018 Hedge Fund Outflows Largest in 2 Years

According to the HFR Global Hedge Fund Industry Report, volatile financial markets and record losses in equities prompted investors to redeem an estimated $22.5 billion from hedge funds during the ...

Why Research Budgets are Like Comparing Apples and Oranges

One question many asset managers have been asking in recent months is how large should their research budgets be in today’s post MiFID II environment?  While the answer to this ...

The Corporate Access Conundrum

The following is a guest article by Chris Newson, founder of CN Business Consulting Ltd and most recently a Director at Citigroup where he was responsible for research revenue management ...

Mifid – Keep Calm and Carry On

The following is a guest article by Edward Blad, Founder and Managing Director of the Independent Research Forum, a London-based sales and marketing channel for independent research. Mifid has been casting ...

Examining the Sales Options for Research Boutiques

The following is a guest article by Will Richards and Carlos Flores of the Research Alliance, a leading business development agency for independent research formerly known as Financial Research Solutions.  ...

Top ResearchWatch Stories for 2018

2018 was an eventful year for the investment research industry, as reflected in our most-read articles during the year. MiFID II’s ambitious reforms were an enduring topic.  Our analysis of the ...

Alternative Data is More Complicated Than You Think

The following is a guest article by Evan Schnidman, Founder and CEO of Prattle, a research automation firm specializing in text analytics.    Is alternative data incomprehensible technobabble rumored to somehow ...

YipitData Launches ReadyPipe Custom Web Services

Today YipitData, an alternative data firm that collects web data to analyze the operating performance of public and private companies, is launching a new service allowing clients to collect their ...

Mizuho Americas Adds Senior Biotech Analyst

Recently, global investment bank Mizuho Americas announced that Mara Goldstein had joined their equity research department as managing director covering biotechnology companies.  Ms. Goldstein is the 4th new equity research ...

MiFID II Isn’t Working as Intended and Investors are Losing as a Result

The following is a guest article authored by Scott Davis and Carter Copeland, founding partners of Melius Research, a  boutique research firm focused on the industrials sector launched in October ...
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