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Citigroup Fined $11.5 mln for Displaying Inaccurate Research Ratings

Last week the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) announced that it had fined New York investment bank Citigroup Global Markets $5.5 mln and mandated the firm pay $6 mln in ...

Will MiFID II Lead RPs To Start Up Funds?

With MiFID II slated to be rolled out next week, the question many research providers are asking is how they can prove their worth to buy-side clients who now need ...

Interview With UBS COO Barry Hurewitz, Part 1: Focus on Where You Deliver Value

The following is the first of a three-part Q&A with Barry Hurewitz, Managing Director and COO of UBS Investment Research Division. Hurewitz was recruited from Morgan Stanley to UBS in ...

London Conference Will Showcase IRPs

London-based Research for Investors will be holding its fourth annual conference showcasing independent macro, policy and FICC providers.  A link to the brochure can be found here. The Global Independent Research ...

Mixed Wall Street Jobs Outlook during November

Layoffs on Wall Street surged in November, while new hiring plans posted the largest increase since November of last year.  However, we don’t believe that this mixed jobs outlook reflects ...

New Research Valuation Study Shows Divergence Between Fixed Income and Equity Managers

Fixed income-oriented asset managers are reacting differently to the unbundling provisions under MiFID II than equity managers, according to a report released by Integrity Research Associates.  The findings are based ...

Credit Suisse Adds Analysts to Chinese Equity Research Team

Credit Suisse recently announced that it had added nearly a dozen new equity research analysts to its China Equity Research team enabling the firm to both broaden and deepen its ...

Giving Thanks For Creative Destruction

With curmudgeonly thoroughness we have been chronicling the litany of woes afflicting equity research, macro research, fixed income research and the research industry generally.  It is therefore a good test ...

Deloitte Highlights Growing Alternative Data Risks

Deloitte recently released a white paper which outlined risks associated with alternative data.   As risks increase and the industry comes under increasing media and regulatory scrutiny, it will be important ...

New Survey Shows Broader Hedge Fund Use of Alternative Data

EY’s 2017 Global Hedge Fund and Investor Survey shows a major increase in the percentage of hedge funds adopting alternative data into their investment process.  The trend is supported by ...
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