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Beware Pitfalls Using Intelligence Research

The following is a guest article from Thomas Tippetts, founder of OMYTIS, an intelligence provider which draws on regional and specialist intelligence suppliers. Fund managers are increasingly relying on the ...

JP Morgan Asset Management to Fund MiFID II Clients’ Research From P&L

J.P. Morgan Asset Management said it plans to fund research payments from MiFID II client accounts through its P&L, according to a Reuters article. J.P. Morgan Asset Management, with $1.9 trillion ...

Study: Millennials Main Users Of Alternative Data

Millennials are 2.5x times more likely to use alternative data than non-Millennial equity analysts, according to a study to be published on Alternative Data Insider, an educational website recently launched ...

New Educational Website For Alternative Data Launched

In response to the steep alternative data learning curve for fundamental equity investors, YipitData and other contributors have launched a new informational website, Alternative Data Insider ( The new website features ...

Research Prices Should Be Negotiated, Not Fixed

The following is a guest article by Charlie Henderson, a co-founder of FeedStock, a research analytics solution. It is impossible to accurately forecast how events will ultimately play out under MiFID ...

Revenge of the Humans II: A New Blueprint For Discretionary Management

The following is a guest article written by Estimize Founder and CEO Leigh Drogen. To view his previous three-part series examining the rise of quantitative investing and how it is ...

Latest ResearchWatch Readership Survey: Our Readership Has Become More Senior, Geographically Diverse, and Frequent

A big thank you to all who completed the ResearchWatch readership survey we conducted earlier this month. Full results can be found here.  The feedback confirms that the launch of ...

Morningstar Acquires 40% Stake In ESG Researcher Sustainalytics

Nearly two years after partnering with Sustainalytics to develop ESG ratings of funds, Morningstar acquired a 40% stake in the Amsterdam-based ESG research firm.  Purchase terms were not disclosed. Morningstar acquired ...

The Death of Equity Research Hasn’t Been Greatly Exaggerated

The following is a guest article is from James Valentine, a former II-ranked analyst at Morgan Stanley and author of the book Best Practices for Equity Research Analysts and Principal ...

Most US Money Managers Not Subject to MiFID II & May Continue to Use Soft Dollars

The following is a guest article by Lee Pickard, Will Edick, and Kristen Hutchens, lawyers at Pickard Djinis and Pisarri LLP which has previously obtained U.S. no-action relief relating to Section ...
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