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Wall Street Job Outlook Brightens in December

Layoffs on Wall Street plunged in December to the lowest level seen since June, while new hiring slipped after posting a strong gain the previous month.  Consequently, annual layoffs totaled ...
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Research Funding Update: Last Minute Scramble Narrows Gap Between P&L Assets and Status Quo

Numerous European asset managers held out until the MiFID II deadline before deciding to absorb research costs. The largest European asset manager – Amundi which manages €1.4 trillion ($1.7 trillion) ...
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New Energy Research Boutique Formed

Two energy analysts from New Orleans-based Coker & Palmer have started an energy research boutique focused mainly on renewable energy. San Francisco-based Ampac Energy & Technology Research was co-founded by ...
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2017 Review: MiFID II Drives Research Industry M&A

MiFID II precipitated much of 2017’s M&A activity, as European banks merged or folded their equities businesses and startups hoping to prosper from MiFID II’s research unbundling provisions raised capital ...
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2017 Review: Alternative Data Flourishes

Alternative data—information derived from non-traditional sources used by the investment community—proliferated during the year as existing providers added new product and new firms entered the space.  Private equity firms readily ...
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Will MiFID II Impact US Asset Managers?

One of the big questions we’ve been asked whenever the topic of MiFID II has come up is how this new EU regulation will impact US asset managers and the ...
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2017 Review: Other Regulatory

Although MiFID II dominated the 2017 regulatory landscape (see our analysis of MiFID II’s successes and failures), other regulatory and legal developments during the year had import for investment research. ...
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2017 Review: MiFID II’s Failures Are Already Apparent

When it goes into effect next week, MiFID II’s research unbundling provisions will create intended and unintended consequences for the European research industry, along with global ramifications.  In some respects, ...
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Jefferies’ Equities Revenues Rise 11% for 2017

Jefferies Group LLC, the investment-banking unit of Leucadia National Corp which reports earlier than its rivals, saw its equities revenues increase 10.8% for its fiscal year 2017 when one-time gains ...

Research Accounting Will Be Best Practice Irrespective of How Payments Are Funded

The following is a guest article from Amrish Ganatra, Managing Director of Commcise Software Limited, a London-based provider of commission management software.  Research accounting – mapping research costs and usage to ...
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