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TrimTabs Focuses on Sub-Advisory Business

An ETF league table published on, listed two independent research firms among the top ETF issuers: TrimTabs and GaveKal.  We’ve given Gavekal airspace, but haven’t said much about TrimTabs. ...
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Upcoming Stock Conferences – Updated 7-23-15

Stock Conference Calendar added or revised these dates, events and locations. DATE EVENT LOCATION     Third Quarter - 2015     Aug 4, 2015 AsianInvestor 7th Annual Corporate Treasury ...

Naysaying the Naysayers

The following is a guest article by Adam Kommel and Joe Babler of Activist Shorts Research, which tracks activist short sellers.  The article is excerpted from a clients-only quarterly report ...
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Evercore ISI Revenues Flat in Q2

Based on Evercore’s latest earnings release, it appears that Evercore ISI revenues were flat in the second quarter, net of allocated underwriting revenues. Nevertheless, it appears that ISI is helping ...
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US Bulge Equities Had Strong Second Quarter

The largest US based investment banks reported strong equities revenues for the second quarter of 2015, with year over year growth averaging 21%. Sequential growth from the first quarter faltered ...
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Upcoming Stock Conferences – Updated 7-18-15

Stock Conference Calendar added or revised these dates, events and locations. DATE EVENT LOCATION     Third Quarter - 2015     Jul 19 - 22, 2015 Biotechnology Industry Organization ...
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Does the ‘I’ in I Robot Stand for Investment Research?

Credit Suisse is using automation software for one of its research products, according to a recent WSJ article. Goldman was lead investor in firm offering a cloud based virtual analyst. ...

The Security Analysts of Lake Wobegon

AltaVista Research, a New York based ETF research firm, recently added analyst ratings to its analysis of ETF fundamentals. AltaVista found the consensus ratings to be like the children of ...
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Signal Data Bites The Dust

Signal Data Corporation, a big data provider of retail location analytics for financial firms and retailers which received US$4.5 million in funding in 4 rounds, appears to have quietly passed ...
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Geospatial Firm RS Metrics Launches New Analytic Overlay

Geospatial research firm RS Metrics has released a new analytics overlay for its service analyzing traffic patterns for publicly traded retailing firms.  The move is intended to broaden its market ...
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