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UK Regulators Throw IRPs a Bone

Speaking to Euro IRP, the trade association for European independent research firms, FCA chief Andrew Bailey indicated that asset managers could trial independent non-brokerage research without it being considered an ...
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A New Idea Enabling Assets Managers to Pay Cash for US Research

According to market participants, a number of global asset managers have come up with a new way to potentially pay for research from their P&Ls in the US, despite the ...

Survey: European Asset Managers Judge MiFID II As Failure

In the first European-wide survey of asset managers since MiFID II was instituted, the CFA Institute found that a majority of investment managers in all areas of the EU believe ...
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SEC Receives Few Comments on MiFID II Research Unbundling

The US Securities and Exchange Commission received only five comment letters in response to its request for input whether to extend relief for cash payments made to US banks for ...
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Janus Henderson: Watchful Waiting on Absorbing US Research Costs

During Janus Henderson’s most recent earnings call, company management said it was taking a ‘wait and see’ approach to absorbing research costs in the US. In a call last week, ...
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Five US Brokers Register Their Research Units as Investment Advisers

A review of regulatory filings indicates that five US broker-dealers have registered their research units as investment advisers to accommodate cash payments for research and a sixth which is the ...

The Tax Burden of MiFID II

The following is a guest article by Chris Newson, founder of CN Business Consulting Ltd and most recently a Director at Citigroup where he was responsible for research revenue management ...

Maybank Shutters Hong Kong & China Equity Research Operations

Malayan Banking Bhd (Maybank), recently announced that it is closing its institutional equity research coverage of the Hong Kong and China markets, to focus instead on Southeast Asian research. Maybank’s ...

MiFID II Causes Research Sales to Fall Again in 2019

According to Integrity Research’s latest annual forecast, research sales are expected to fall 5.5% in 2019 following the more significant decline seen in the prior year as asset managers continue ...

FCA Censures Axiom Equity Research

The UK Financial Conduct Authority issued a warning against Axiom Equity Research, stating that the firm was not authorized to offer its services in the UK.  As a result, the ...
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