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MSCI ESG Launches Fund ESG Ratings Emulating Morningstar and Sustainalytics

Following Sustainalytics’ collaboration with Morningstar, MSCI ESG Research launched ESG ratings for approximately 21,000 mutual funds and ETFs. Each fund will receive from MSCI an overall score called the Fund ...
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New Broker-Funded Corporate Access Platform Will Launch Next Quarter

A new sell-side sponsored corporate access platform, ONEaccess, has been quickly gaining traction prior to its launch next quarter.  The platform's secret to success is its utility to brokers. ONEaccess ...

Integrity Research Releases Research Pricing Study Benchmarking Research Fees

Integrity Research Associates LLC today released a major new study of research pricing designed to make it easier to put a value on investment research. “Most institutional equity research is still ...

New Aggregator Research Tree Launches Service Targeted to UK Retail

Research Tree, a research aggregator targeted to UK retail investors, launched its website, Research Tree is one of at least eleven research distribution platforms, and yet is differentiated by ...

Big Data Firm Eagle Alpha Launches UK Datasets

Eagle Alpha, a research firm which mines insights from large datasets, announced the launch of two new alternative datasets with metrics on UK residential housing and the UK auto industry. ...
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New Quant Research Firm Models Alternative Data

ExtractAlpha, a quantitative research firm seeking to extract signals from alternative data, recently launched a new product based on consumer behavior mined from product reviews, search queries and social networks. ...

Integrity & StreetFeeds Form Joint Venture to Help IRPs Launch ETFs

Integrity Research Associates, a Darien, CT based investment research advisory firm, and StreetFeeds, a Long Island, New York-based market data consulting firm, have formed a joint venture to help independent research ...
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And Then There Were Eleven…Research Distribution Platforms Proliferate Like Rabbits

A former fixed income portfolio manager has founded a new research distribution platform focusing initially on macro research and marketed to credit-oriented asset managers. The platform has broader ambitions despite ...

Roubini Affiliate Launches Analytics For Corporates

Roubini ThoughtLab, an affiliate of Roubini Global Economics (RGE), launched a decision support platform targeted to corporations for modeling growth and risk in economies where they conduct business. The new ...

New Research Budgeting Platform Aims To Replace Broker Vote

Frost Consulting, a London-based consulting firm focused on commission unbundling, launched a research budgeting platform designed to supersede the existing broker vote process. The approach represents a radical departure from ...
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