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AP Uses Zacks to Automate Earnings Announcements

The Associated Press announced that it will be using Zacks Investment Research earnings data to automate its articles on earnings announcements. The AP is using automation technology from a company ...
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Research Profile: Former IHS Auto Sector Head Starts New Research Firm

The head of IHS's automotive research unit has started a new firm focused on researching emerging auto technologies such as vision/sensing, functional safety, driver information systems and vehicle networking.  Phil ...
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FTSE Adding ESG Research

FTSE is advertising an ESG Manager / Associate Director position to manage ESG operations.   In the job description, FTSE says: “Building on its market position FTSE is developing a revised ...

New Model for Economic Consensus Estimates

News agencies and specialized newsletters have traditionally surveyed a limited number of economists to ascertain the market consensus for various economic indicators.  However last week, crowd sourcing data provider, Estimize ...
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Expert Network Adds Channel Check Subsidiary

Cognolink, a London-based expert network, is staffing up a new channel checking subsidiary, Third Bridge. Third Bridge was set up last year as a separately branded trading name of Cognolink ...

Estimize Caps Off Three Big Wins With $1.2 mln Funding

Last week saw some great upsets in the NCAA Division I Men’s basketball tournament (Go Flyers and Huskies!). However, crowd-sourced earnings estimate provider, Estimize, experienced its own March Madness last ...

Gerson Lehrman 2.0

Earlier this month, Gerson Lehrman Group, the world’s leading expert network, introduced a new logo and revamped its website. The change is symptomatic of the resurgence of expert networks since ...

Corporate Access Startups Hoping to Profit from FCA Ban

The proposed ban on payment for corporate access with client commissions by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) promises to be a boon to firms hoping to benefit from the ...

HAL 9000 Comes To Investment Research

In 2001: A Space Odyssey, a sentient computer stars as one of the scariest screen villains of all time eventually forcing the crew of the Discovery One spacecraft to shut ...

Playing the Index Game

Two recent tweets (yes, we have joined the 21st century) remind us that indexing is a potentially profitable business model for research providers.  Unfortunately it takes time and money — ...
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