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Interactions Data Provider Feedstock Releases New Platform

FeedStock completed its pivot toward the sell-side with the release of a new platform designed to capture buy-side interactions and the adoption of its new system by Redburn. Feedstock’s new ...

Bloomberg Jumps into the Alternative Data Biz

Last week, global market data vendor Bloomberg, announced that it was offering a new set of alternative data products to its Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point web-based data store.  These alternative ...

Open:FactSet Marketplace Adds IHS Markit Data to Platform

Earlier this week, Norwalk Connecticut based global financial information vendor FactSet, announced the addition of IHS Markit’s investment signal data, as well as the addition of new features, to its ...

Geospatial Data Firm Spire Global Sets Up Maritime Unit

Spire Global, a vertically integrated geospatial data company, launched a new business, Spire Maritime, as a dedicated vessel tracking unit.  The move coincides with efforts to expand its shipping data ...

Alternative Data Firm Yewno Launches Analytic Platform

Yewno released its new analytics platform, Yewno|Edge, which went into beta testing last September.  The platform showcases its AI-driven linkages between publicly traded companies and underlying trends and news items.  ...

1010data Adds Geolocation Data to Supplement Transaction Data

Alternative data vendor 1010data launched an application which integrates geolocation data with credit card transaction data to forecast revenue trends for publicly traded stocks.  Given 1010data’s increasing focus on the ...

IHS Markit Adds to Alternative Data Offering

Fulfilling promises made by its CEO over a year ago, IHS Markit launched a suite of alternative data derived from its automotive industry data.  The move reflects a broader trend ...

YipitData Launches ReadyPipe Custom Web Services

Today YipitData, an alternative data firm that collects web data to analyze the operating performance of public and private companies, is launching a new service allowing clients to collect their ...
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Expert Network Aggregator Inex One Launches Pay-As-You-Go Expert Access

Stockholm-based Inex One expanded its expert network aggregation capability by releasing a service which provides access to experts sourced from specialist expert networks without having to contract with the expert ...

Alternative Data ESG Firm TruValue Labs Launches Research Reports

 TruValue Labs, which uses artificial intelligence techniques to collect environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data, launched research reports derived from its ESG platform designed to promote its quantitative metrics to ...
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