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Research Aggregator Alphametry Adds RMS Capabilities

Paris-based research portal Alphametry is working to add a research management solution to its research aggregation platform as the firm continues to refine its business model and approach. Alphametry’s platform ...
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Alternative Data Firm DISCERN Reorganizes and Launches New Product

DISCERN Analytics, Inc, a new company formed in August 2016 to purchase the data and software assets of DISCERN Group, Inc. (DGI) is emerging from stealth mode with a new ...

Nasdaq Adds Alternative Data To Its Data Offerings

In an effort to diversify its business further into information delivery, Nasdaq launched a new service which distributes social media sentiment and other ‘big data’ sources to investors. Nasdaq’s new ...

S&P Launches ESG Ratings

S&P Global Ratings launched a ‘Green Evaluation’ service, an issuer-paid rating of the environmental impact, governance and transparency of securities transactions. The ratings were developed by the Infrastructure Ratings practice ...

MarketGrader Launches New China Indices

Coral Gables-based independent research firm, MarketGrader, recently announced a partnership with China Securities Index Co. Ltd, the leading index provider in China, to develop, publish and license a family of ...

CFRA-Stovall Seasonal Rotation Indices Launched

Independent forensic research firm, CFRA recently announced the launch of a series of CFRA-Stovall Indices, presenting a seasonal rotation strategy pioneered by CFRA Chief Investment Strategist, Sam Stovall. New Indices ...

Research Aggregator Street Contxt Raises Capital

Research aggregator Street Contxt raised capital in a venture funding, including investment received from a private equity affiliate of Point72 Asset Management.  The new capital will be used to launch ...

Commcise & ITG Integrate Research Procurement Solutions

A few weeks after announcing a similar integration with Convergex’s Westminster Research Associates, commission management software provider Commcise has created links with agency broker ITG’s commission management solutions. ITG is ...
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New Research Category Emerges: Digital Currencies

As digital currencies rival gold as an emerging asset class, new research providers focused on cryptocurrencies are evolving.   There are research providers focused on financial currencies, so why not digital ...

Big Data Firm Ravenpack Raises $5 Million, Launches New Product

Spanish news sentiment analysis provider RavenPack received venture financing and announced the launch of a new product designed to make it easier for the statistically impaired to use its platform. ...
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