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First Half European Equity Commissions Up 25%

European equity commissions rose in the second quarter, according to an article in Bloomberg. The value of stocks traded jumped 25 percent to 1.4 trillion euros ($1.5 trillion) in the ...
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Société Générale’s Equities Close to Bulge Status

Société Générale reported over 60% growth in its equities business over the last twelve months, primarily from organic growth. While still short of bulge status, the high level of growth ...
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ITG CEO Ouster May Prompt Strategy Review

ITG, a leading non-bank brokerage, reported that second quarter research related revenues were flat year over year and down 6.6% sequentially. It also fired its CEO Bob Gasser as it ...
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MSCI ESG Revenues Up 19% in Q2

MSCI Inc., a prominent index and analytics supplier, reported overall 6.4% revenue growth for the second quarter of 2015, with its ESG business growing 19%, excluding the effect of its ...
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Bulge Shows Solid Equities First Half

With all the large investment banks having reported, equity revenues for the second quarter ending June 30th were down 4% from the first quarter but up 21% from a year ...
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Cowen Equity Revenues Flat in Second Quarter

Cowen Group, a mid-sized NY investment bank, announced that second quarter equities revenue was flat year over year and down 2% from the prior quarter. The firm claimed it gained ...

Value Line Reports FY 2015 Financial Results

Earlier this week, Value Line, Inc. (VALU), the New York based investment research firm, reported earnings of $0.74 per share for the fiscal year ended April 30, 2015, up 7.7% ...

Morningstar Reports Bullish 2nd Qtr 2015 Financial Results

Morningstar, Inc. (NASDAQ: MORN), a Chicago-based provider of investment research, tools and databases for retail and institutional investors, yesterday reported that the firm had eclipsed Wall Street expectations for both revenue ...
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Evercore ISI Revenues Flat in Q2

Based on Evercore’s latest earnings release, it appears that Evercore ISI revenues were flat in the second quarter, net of allocated underwriting revenues. Nevertheless, it appears that ISI is helping ...

Asian Equities Predicted to Boost Q2 Bulge Results

Second quarter bulge bracket revenues are likely to boosted by strong cash equities performance resulting from Asian stock trading, according to analysts at JPMorgan Chase as reported in Goldman ...
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