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European Corporate Access Dominated By Large Banks In 2018 II Survey

A few large investment banks command European corporate access, according to the 2018 Institutional Investor European Corporate Access rankings.  The top five banks won 69% of the total team placements ...

Euromoney Buys Extel From WeConvene

Extel, arguably the most prestigious survey of European buy-side research preferences, has been acquired by Euromoney, parent of arch-rival Institutional Investor, for an undisclosed amount.  Extel will continue as a ...
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MiFID II Spurs HTML5 Research Dissemination

As one example of a broader transformation, London-based Responsive Labs, which specializes in research distribution applications, is ditching its research distribution service, Research Central, in order to focus on the ...
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Research Funding Update: As Fidelity Flips, P&L Assets Now Outweigh Ring-Fenced Assets

Our research funding scorecard now shows for the first time that, for asset managers with declared MiFID II policies, the assets under management associated with out-of-pocket research payments now exceed ...

Commcise Ingests Singletrack Interactions Data

Commission management software provider Commcise has integrated research consumption data from CRM provider Singletrack.  We are also inferring that Commcise is adding reverse entitlement capabilities to its platform, allowing buy-side ...

Scandinavian Banks Turn to Issuer Sponsored Research as MiFID II Solution

Oslo-based bank, DNB has recently announced that it plans to offer “issuer sponsored” research as a way to finance the production of research for uncovered or under covered companies and ...
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Indie Research Sales Agent Sidesteps MiFID II Woes By Targeting Hedge Funds

Although not immune to MiFID II challenges, London-based sales agent Ed Blad is finding that hedge funds’ appetite for independent research is largely unaffected by the new regulations, in contrast ...

Boutique Lazarus Partnership Narrows Focus Post-MiFID II (But Has Other Businesses For Support)

UK-based independent research provider Lazarus Partnership is shedding its sector analysts, blaming a worsening environment for research under MiFID II.  However, Lazarus Partnership is just one facet of a diversified ...

Euromoney Makes Tidy Profit Unloading Economic Data Unit

Euromoney Institutional Investor is selling its business that collects economic data on emerging markets to CITIC’s private equity unit and Caixin Global for $180.5 million. Although the sale price generates ...

MiFID II’s Failures Are Already Apparent

The following is a reprint of an exclusive article published for ResearchWatch subscribers on December 27, 2017. MiFID II’s research unbundling provisions, which went into effect early last month, will create ...
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