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Hedge Fund Winton Group Spins Off Alternative Data Software

Quantitative hedge fund Winton Group plans to spin off its data management software into a separate unit. The new unit will offer software designed to organize unstructured data.  The unit ...

MiFID II Survey Finds Asset Owner Ambivalence To Research Unbundling

A recent survey of European asset owners suggests that research unbundling is not a hot button issue for asset owners, who remain equivocal about its impact.  Nevertheless, asset owners said ...

Extel Plans New MiFID II Service

Extel, which provides the most prestigious survey of European buy-side research preferences, will be launching a new service inspired by pending MiFID II reforms to research payments, according to informed ...

Red Deer Gains Traction As MiFID II Solution

Red Deer, an information management software provider formerly affiliated with a hedge fund, has forged links with at least three commission management providers according to informed sources while proclaiming two ...

Will Research Unbundling Prove To Be A “Mifxit”?

The following is a guest article written by Fabrice Bouland, CEO and co-founder of Paris-based research portal Alphametry. Research unbundling is nearly upon us. The intense debate around its emergence ...
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Why Transparent Research Pricing Will Remain Elusive

One of the regulatory goals for the research inducement provisions of MiFID II is to create more price transparency for investment research.  However, flaws in the way the rules were ...
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Research Fees Update: More Firms Give Away FICC Research

This is the second of a two-part update on research pricing, covering fees for fixed income, currencies and commodities research.  The previous installment discussed equity research pricing. More banks are ...

Caution: Shifting Research Costs To P&L Does Not Eliminate Inducement Risk

The following is a guest article from John McGough, Global Head of Business Development of Castine LLC, a provider of research procurement solutions including P&L Centre. Recently, a fair number of ...
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Research Fees Update: Pessimism Dampens Equity Research Pricing

This is the first of a two-part update on research pricing, covering equity research fees.  The next installment will discuss pricing for fixed income, currencies and commodities research. The basic ...
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Research Funding Update: Man Group and Legal & General Switch While MFS Waffles

Fidelity International's decision to pass on research costs had no impact as hedge fund manager Man Group and Legal and General Investment Management both changed their policies from charging clients ...
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