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ONEaccess Adds MiFID II Budgeting & E-mail Tracking

Visible Alpha recently announced that it has added research budgeting and e-mail tracking capabilities to its ONEaccess platform to aid asset manager clients in meeting the research inducement rules associated ...
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Death, Taxes and MiFID II (Update)

UK tax authorities created false hopes that the current exemption of research from taxation might be extended despite MiFID II’s unbundling of research payments from execution, only to dash those ...

Research Aggregator RSRCHXchange Adds RMS Capabilities

UK-based research distributor RSRCHXchange added new research management functionality to its platform while hiring a US salesperson. The new research management tools within RSRCHX include a virtual library, where users ...
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UBS Report Predicts Tepid Impacts From MiFID II

Despite an attention-grabbing title “MiFID II's domino effect: Headwinds likely to impact markets beyond Europe and to last years,” a report authored by UBS analysts covering asset managers and banks ...

White Paper Predicts UK Research Market Will Halve Post-MiFID II

A UK corporate access consultancy, Capital Access Group, released a white paper arguing that the research spending in the UK will fall 55% in the next twelve months and that ...
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Research Funding Update: Fidelity International Bucks Funding Trend While MFS Is First US Asset Manager To Eat Research Costs Globally

This week brought three novel developments relating to the research funding dilemma facing European asset managers.  Fidelity International went against the prevailing tide, deciding to fund research payments alongside commissions ...

European Independents Fear Unbundling Effects

Independent research firms in Europe have deep reservations about MiFID II’s new research inducement rules, according to a survey by trade association Euro IRP. Euro IRP said that its members ...

Research Aggregator Smartkarma Enters Europe

Smartkarma, a Singapore-based research distribution platform, opened a UK office as it seeks to extend its analytic coverage from Asia to Europe.  Europe is already crowded with research aggregators, but ...

Research Funding Update: Four More European Managers Eat Research Costs

Four additional asset managers announced their decisions to pay for research from their resources, the largest being HSBC Asset Management.  Meanwhile Fidelity International continued to temporize and global asset managers ...
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Asset Managers Opt Out Of MiFID II Research Procurement Rules

One of the regulatory selling points of the new research inducement rules under MiFID II was that they would improve transparency around the purchase of third party research.  However, the ...
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