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Germany’s Third Largest Asset Manager Will Not Pay For Research From P&L

Union Asset Management, with €310 billion (US$345 billion) in assets under management, said it was unlikely to pay for research costs under new MiFID II research unbundling rules going into ...

RBC Enters RPA Administration Partnering With Commcise

 Royal Bank of Canada is the first investment bank to administer research payment accounts (RPAs) under MiFID II while announcing an alliance with commission management software provider Commcise.  Up until ...

Aberdeen Projects £10 million Equity Research Payments From P&L

In a recent earnings call, Aberdeen Asset Management, a UK asset manager with over £300 billion (US$390 billion) in assets under management, said it expects to spend £10 million (US$13 ...

Henderson Global Investors Will Not Pay For Research From P&L

In a recent earnings call, UK asset manager Henderson Global Investors said it would be funding research payments alongside commissions under forthcoming MiFID II regulation. Andrew Formica, Chief Executive, responded ...
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Research Unbundling: From the UK With Love

The MiFID II rules designed to separate research payments from commission payments are the outgrowth of escalating regulatory concerns over bundled research payments, primarily rising from the UK. Origins   The ...

Europe’s Largest Asset Manager Will Use CSAs to Fund Research Payments Under MiFID II

Europe’s largest asset manager, Amundi, indicated that it plans to fund research payments alongside stock transactions under the new research unbundling rules being imposed by MiFID II, according to an ...

TABB: US Commissions Down, MiFID II Concerns Up

US equity commissions fell 7.5% in 2016 according to industry consultant TABB Group’s latest buy-side survey.  At the same time, the percentage of US asset managers anticipating an impact from ...

SEC: MiFID II Is Not Our Problem

It is an article of faith among MiFID II proponents that research unbundling will be adopted globally.  Those naïfs don’t have to contend with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, ...
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Blackrock Already Did What MiFID II Wants

Blackrock cut the research spending of one of its largest actively managed fund by over $15 million in 2015, according to a Reuters analysis.  We understand that the savings was ...
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New MiFID II Guidance Favors Hardline UK Interpretations

In its latest Q&A relating to research inducements released Tuesday, the European Securities and Market Authority (ESMA) opined on some of the most controversial aspects of MiFID II’s new regulations ...
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