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Proposed Ban on Research Commissions Generates Backlash

The aggressive UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) call for a ban on research commissions has generated heated reactions, even in the insular US market.  There is skepticism that other European ...
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US CSA Volumes Increased in 2013 According to New Study

Subscribers to ResearchWatch can download the full ResearchFocus report: US CSA Survey Results 6-14 Commissions paid through commission sharing agreements (CSAs) increased 8% in 2013 and 5% in the first ...

CSAs Prevalent in France

70% of French asset management firms have commission sharing arrangements (CSAs) in place according to a study by FinFees, a Paris-based consulting firm. The study also found that French managers ...

Bulge Equity Revenues Down in Second Quarter

Financial reporting from major investment banks is reflecting the worsened equities market conditions in the second quarter.  US equity market volumes were down 12.9% in the second quarter, and bulge ...

UK Regulator Supports Ban on Research Commissions

In a dramatic move, the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has called for sweeping reform of research commissions, eliminating the ability of asset managers to pay for research with client ...

Transforming the Way Research Is Bought

UK regulators are changing the face of the research industry.  Here are two related articles: the latest news on regulatory actions and an insightful commentary from a UK based broker. FCA ...

Equities League Tables

Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan had the highest market share for U.S. cash equities trading, according to the latest Greenwich Associates survey, with Morgan Stanley ...

Wall Street Suffers Plunge in Equity Volumes & Volatility

Despite the pickup in equity commissions seen in 2013, Wall Street is now experiencing a sharp downturn in equity trading volume and volatility over the past few months – factors ...

US Commissions Up 11% According to Greenwich

U.S. equity commission volumes increased 11% during the year ending February according the latest Greenwich Associates survey.  ‘High-touch’ commission rates used to pay for research also increased modestly.  The survey ...

New UK Regulation Has Big Impact

Today marks the UK deadline for the ban on the payment of corporate access with client commissions and a broader set of new commission requirements.  Asset managers have been scrambling ...
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