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RiskMetrics Beefs Up its Governance Service

New York – In March, RiskMetrics replaced its old Corporate Governance Quotient (CGQ) product with Governance Risk Indicators (GRIds).  According to the most recent “The Directors Letter”, a story by ...

MSCI Buys RiskMetrics

The wooing of RiskMetrics, the New York-listed risk management and corporate governance firm, is over and the winner is MSCI, the index provider and owner of Barra, which announced is ...

RiskMetrics on the Block

New York – Interesting: After several years of acquisitions of research providers, RiskMetrics has apparently put itself up for sale. The linked article does a great job of assessing the ...

RiskMetrics said to acquire KLD

New York – The Oct 9, 2009 edition of Global Proxy Watch states that RiskMetrics is “about to announce that it is swallowing KLD, one of the world’s oldest and ...

RiskMetrics shows the plight of Hedge Funds

New York – RiskMetrics recently lowered its expected revenue for the year from $315 million down to between $300 and $305 million.  RiskMetrics’ new revenue projections were lower than analyst ...

Altman to reboot RiskMetrics Credit Services

New York – RiskMetrics continues to execute a major roll-up in the research/risk management industry, with the announcement that it has reached agreement with Ed Altman to produce a state-of-the ...

RiskMetrics Plans IPO

New York  – In a recent filing with the SEC, RiskMetrics Group—a provider of risk management and financial research products and services—has indicated that it is planning to issue an ...

CFRA Snapped Up By Riskmetrics

New York, NY – In a surprising move, Riskmetrics — a risk management firm and owner of influential proxy advisory provider ISS — purchased well-known forensic researcher, CFRA.  Previously, CFRA was ...
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MSCI ESG Research Revenues Grew 37% in 2022

MSCI’s long-term commitment to its ESG research business is paying off as the unit grew nearly 40% in 2022 to $228 million.  MSCI is not resting on its laurels as ...

CFRA Gets Investment From Endicott Capital

CFRA, an independent research firm which purchased Standard & Poor’s equity research business, received a ‘strategic investment’ from private equity firm Endicott Capital, amount undisclosed. CFRA's ongoing challenge is how ...
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