Author Aaron Foster

Lil’ Orphan Washington Research Group

Pity the Washington Research Group.  Their parent, MF Global, is now history and they are orphaned, for the fourth time.  The only consolation is that they are used to it. Washington ...

A Day in the Life of an Equity Associate

A recent article on a job recruiting website outlines a day in the life of an equity associate, detailing salary expectations as well as a description of an associate’s role.  ...

DISCERN – A New Alternative Research Provider

Another alternative research provider emerged this week. Headed by seasoned Wall Street technology analyst, Harry Blount, DISCERN is run by ex-fundamental analysts that sit at the top of the information ...

Do Buy Side Analysts Outperform the Sell Side?

Buy side analysts demonstrate less accuracy in their buy/sell/hold recommendations than sell side analysts, according to a study conducted by professors at Harvard Business School.  The study tracked the recommendations ...