Author Elgen Strait

Elgen Strait was previously an institutional research salesman at BCA Research in London and was later the first salesman at CognoLink, a then-startup London-based expert network which now has hundreds of employees globally. He was also the first Salesperson at Singletrack Systems, a then-startup cloud-based software vendor whose solution is now in use at independent research firms and investment banks around the globe. His experience designing and executing sales strategies for small companies led him to start Fox Institutional Research Services with the aim of providing focused, dedicated outsourced sales services to a small number of high quality independent research firms. Fox Research has since expanded its service offering to include sales consulting services for data and analytics firms that are considering expanding their target market to include asset managers. More information is available at


London Calling: The Sales Perspective

The following is a guest article by Elgen Strait, head of Fox Institutional Research Services, a London-based provider of outsourced research sales and sales consulting services.  More information is available ...