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New York – Integrity recently met with a new research service called GovIA. GovIA is a product developed by INPUT, an information service that helps government contractors sell to the government. INPUT was founded in 1974 and has 180 employees, with about half of these being analysts (i.e. government procurement analysts, rather than equity research analysts).  GovIA is a brand new product aimed at the financial services industry.

GovIA was launched in February 2010 and supplies real time government opportunities data, company-by-company pipeline and awards tracking , as well as historical data and forecasts of government spending to a limited number of clients. GovIA covers 40 of the largest bidders on government contracts and assesses for each company what contracts are pending, what contracts are set to expire and what contracts are likely in the near future. They are planning to increase coverage to about 60 names in the near future.

GovIA covers the IT space – companies like Accenture, Dell, HP, and Unisys; Defense and Aerospace – companies like Boeing, Lockheed, Northrop and Raytheon; Specialty/Small cap – companies like Dyncorp International; and Industrials – companies like Honeywell, Rockwell, The Shaw Group and United Technologies.

The obvious benefits of having this information are to detect winners and loser in the government procurement space, as well as preparing questions for meetings with management. In addition, by virtue of having a good understanding of the supply chain for these companies, and the likely contracts that will be awarded, this could also be utilized to anticipate IPOs and M&A potentials.

The product is composed of a number of pieces, including (but not limited to) Daily Notes – insights of INPUT analysts, Market previews – likely bidders and likely winner on upcoming contracts, Company Comparisons – compare bidders based on the quality and depth of their pipelines, Access to insiders – contact information of key government decision makers and access to analysts at INPUT.


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