AI Based Financial Modeling Firm Daloopa Partners with Analyst Hub


Analyst Hub, the New York-based “research infrastructure as a service” platform, recently announced that it has partnered with Daloopa, an AI-based provider of financial modeling tools, to provide compliance and marketing services to buy-side analysts and portfolio managers.

Newest Analyst Hub Partner

Daloopa - Triplebyte

Daloopa uses artificial intelligence (AI) to build fundamentally oriented financial models that enable buy-side analysts to make better predictions of company performance. Daloopa’s proprietary technology automatically ingests and reads hundreds of company financial reports and then identifies thousands of key performance indicators (KPIs) for each company.  Daloopa presents this information in text and tables, with linked citations for each data point, enabling analysts to accurately enter required data and produce their financial models in a fraction of the time it currently takes. Daloopa models update automatically, with data from earnings announcements incorporated as soon as the financial reports are filed.

The platform currently covers all US publicly traded technology media and telecommunications (TMT) companies, and plans to cover all publicly listed US companies by the end of 2020. Daloopa’s data can be integrated into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or accessed through an analyst’s application programming interface (API), making the data instantly available whether clients create their own financial models or download prepopulated models.

Daloopa was co-founded in 2019 by Thomas Li, a former TMT analyst from Point72; Jeremy Huang, a former AirBnB engineer; and Daniel Chen a former distributed systems researcher at Microsoft’s cloud division, Azure.

Thomas Li, co-founder of Daloopa explained that “Daloopa was born out of the frustration of the years our founders spent manually entering data as analysts.  To bring our technology to market, we are excited to partner with a platform that has decades of institutional sales and compliance expertise in the capital markets. Analyst Hub has that knowledge and the right relationships with Wall Street to get Daloopa in front of the institutional investors who can benefit most.”

Mike Kronenberg, founder and CEO of Analyst Hub explained the reason for their partnership with Daloopa, “Portfolio managers often switch firms, but their financial models don’t move with them.  Thomas and his team at Daloopa have built a solution that largely eliminates the time and manpower it takes portfolio managers and their analysts to build accurate historical models for the names they invest in. Daloopa’s mission is similar to our own: helping clients operate efficiently and concentrate on their true value proposition.”

Our Take

Founded in early 2018, Analyst Hub offers outsourced research infrastructure and organizational support to facilitate the publishing and distribution of sell-side research.   The firm provides former sell-side analysts with a wide range of infrastructure tools, as well as compliance, institutional sales, corporate access support and marketing to their client base of more than 300 institutional investor and corporate clients.

Adding Daloopa to its platform is the first time Analyst Hub has partnered with a research technology firm.  Up to now, Analyst Hub has provided more than nineteen boutique research firms with marketing and compliance services, including former sell-side analysts Luke Groman, David Driscoll, Scott Mushkin,  Gordon Johnson, Brian McGill, Richard Greenfield, Frank Mitsch, Heather Jones, and Kevin St. Pierre.  However, the recent move makes sense as Daloopa provides a specific tool that buy-side analysts and portfolio managers can use to enhance their research and investment decision making process, much like the various research firms it has partnered with in the past.

While we expect Analyst Hub will add more research partners to its platform in 2020, we would not be surprised to see the firm add other data and tool providers to the mix, particularly if they find unique providers who can help solve some of their clients’ specific pain points.


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