Alternative Data: 2021 Fastest Growing Datasets


The following guest article was written by the team at Eagle Alpha, an alternative data aggregation platform that also provides supporting advisory services for data buyers and vendors.

It has been another year of dataset growth for Eagle Alpha with datasets on the platform growing in the high-teens percent for the year. Dataset growth was relatively consistent across the major developed markets of Asia, Europe and the Americas (Fig1). 

2021 Fastest Growing Dataset:  By Region

One standout area of growth was in frontier markets globally. This growth was helped somewhat by a low base.  Datasets tagged as “global” grew 15% for the year. 

One caveat on the regional breakdown of datasets is that they can be tagged by vendors in more than one category. 

We continued to add data sources from China, reflected in APAC growth, benefiting clients who need more insights into this key economic region. 

An interesting way to observe interest in this regional data is to look at click views by dataset categories. Datasets tagged as global and those tagged as Americas saw most interest. Interestingly, across the APAC region there was high levels of attention in developed and emerging geographies. 

2021 Fastest Growing Dataset:  By Category

At a category level the top five alternative data categories in terms of growth are shown in figure 3. The growth in these categories is quite impressive.

Other well-established categories like Employment and Web Crawled data also grew at 18% for the year.

Looking at click views by both region and category can be seen in figure 4, where the top five categories are shown by region. It looks like the year of ESG by this table. Business insights and web crawl remain popular across regions outside of the Americas. A couple of call outs are consumer transaction only appears in the top five for the Americas and app data & web traffic only appears for developed markets pacific.

Click on the following link to access Eagle Alpha’s 1st Annual Alternative Data Report – 2021.


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