Alternative Data Providers For Top China Equities


The following is an article that will be published by, an informational website about alternative data supported by YipitData and other contributors. identified the 17 largest equities in China, based on market cap, for which alternative data exists. After interviewing most alternative data providers that cover these names, the website compiled a list of the key providers for each company.

Tickers Key Providers
BABA & JD YipitData, Pacific Epoch
Tencent Pacific Epoch, T.H. Capital
BIDU Pacific Epoch, T.H. Capital
NTES Pacific Epoch, M Science, T.H. Capital
CTRP YipitData, Pacific Epoch, M Science
WB Pacific Epoch, YipitData, M Science
EDU & TAL YipitData, 86 Research, Sandalwood
ZTO YipitData, T.H. Capital, 86 Research
WUBA T.H. Capital, 7 Park, 86 Research
SINA 7 Park, App Annie
HTHT T.H. Capital, Sandalwood
ATHM T.H. Capital
MOMO Pacific Epoch, M Science
VIPS YipitData, Pacific Epoch, M Science
YY Pacific Epoch, M Science, T.H. Capital also mapped all the alternative data providers that offer data on these companies in the graphic below.  Providers are sectioned into tiers based on the depth of the coverage on each name, given some providers just offer raw data on various names and others deliver more focused analyses and insights. Also included is information on the providers taken from the database of alternative data providers maintained on

The following are criteria used to evaluate data providers.

Data Provider Evaluation Criteria:

  1. Buy side feedback: Anecdotes from fundamental buy side investors who have experience using these datasets.
  2. Data source type: Does the data source and analysis closely reflect and clarify company performance, narratives, or key metrics?
  3. Accuracy: How accurate have these providers been historically?
  4. Ease of use: Do the providers have raw data or do they also do their own QA and analysis in-house?

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