Alternative Research Profile: Risk Control Strategies (RCS)


New York – Today, we’d like to highlight a research firm that has recently come to our attention: Risk Control Strategies (RCS) provides investigative services to the alternative investment community. RCS is a consulting and investigations firm specializing in threat management, risk assessments and providing security solutions for corporations and the high net worth community.

As an investigations and security firm specializing in serving the alternative asset space, RCS recognizes that increased investor and regulatory scrutiny, as well as due diligence, demands athorough background investigation in lieu of a commodity driven background check. RCS’  role is in guiding investors and managers in validating the integrity and character of those they employ and contract with. RCS draws upon the experience of its professionals in formulating an investigative methodology which combines intelligence gathering with methodical and thorough analysis.

Led by former federal law enforcement professionals, RCS Investigations Practice conducts due diligence to validate critical information about key employees and relevant contract personnel to minimize the reputation and operational risk to the client. For investors, the measures that need to be deployed to ensure an acceptable level of accountability is far greater.

A sampling of the actual approach to the RCS Investigative Due Diligence plan is as follows:

Subjects personal and professional character

Employment practice history

Source of funds when investing

Affiliation validation

Financial stability

Adverse media/cyber risk exposure

Covert Surveillance

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

Personal Interviews

At Integrity, we have recently seen an increased interest among clients in employing private investigative services to conduct due diligence on employees, contractors, and corporations. RCS is one of a small number of such investigative services that have experience working directly with asset managers.

For more information about RCS, please contact:

(866) 433-3335


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