Auerbach Grayson and SavaNet provide XBRL Research


New York – News yesterday that Auerbach Grayson is biting the bullet and switching to XBRL format for its research reports is good news. The research reports will become interactive documents compared to static documents and will be labeled Interactive Global Express Research.

To accomplish the transference of the data, Auerbach Grayson has partnered with SavaNet, an XBRL software specialist. XBRL has been mandated by the SEC as a standard format for companies to report their corporate filings and this can be easily translated into research once on the XBRL standard has been implemented. Auerbach’s global network of exclusive brokers will also adopt the standard, which will dramatically increase the comparability of research offering from emerging and frontier markets.

Auerbach Grayson & Company Incorporated is a stockbroker committed to serving the international needs of major US institutional investors. Through its worldwide network of broker partners, Auerbach Grayson offers research, execution and clearance in equities, derivatives and fixed-income instruments. The firm also provides and implements hedging and arbitrage strategies.

SavaNet XBRL Analyst was designed by former Wall Street equity analysts and by CFA® charterholders for use by professional institutional clients requiring the highest level of quality and accuracy. SavaNet Analyst uses the extreme detail available only in XBRL formatted financial reports, such as company-specific business segment information, industrial KPIs and complete notes to the financial statements, to perform analytical studies. Analysis and valuation work can be performed directly using the report content without the need to normalize or manually re-enter content.

Note: XBRL is Extensible Business Reporting Language and has its roots in XML Extensible Markup Language.


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