Author Charlie Henderson

Charlie Henderson is the co-founder and managing director of FeedStock Ltd. He previously worked on the sell-side for Cenkos Securities in the UK; both as an equities analyst and broker. Cenkos was ranked as the top small cap stockbroker in the UK at the time. Subsequent to this, he set up Henderson Energy to support the emerging East African oil & gas sector. In addition to this, he has held other business development roles. FeedStock is a MiFID II research analytics and inducement management system for investment professionals. It was designed specifically to address the research unbundling and tracking obligations of MiFID II, without over-complicating it. FeedStock Analytics is a light-touch solution that does not interfere with the investment process while tracking the buy-side’s research consumption internally. The easily integrated software enables the buy-side to accurately budget, negotiate and calculate research payments using independent, transparent datasets.


Research Prices Should Be Negotiated, Not Fixed

The following is a guest article by Charlie Henderson, a co-founder of FeedStock, a research analytics solution. It is impossible to accurately forecast how events will ultimately play out under MiFID ...