Author Jeremy Baksht

Jeremey Baksht is SVP, Ascential Alternative Data, having joined the firm earlier this year after heading Bloomberg’s alternative data offering. Ascential works with the world’s best consumer brands and their ecosystems, connecting them with their customers throughout the purchase journey. Jeremy Baksht leads Ascential’s efforts to create and offer products for financial services. Ascential has expertise in pricing, sales and share, and consumer perception in sectors such as apparel, grocery and consumer discretionary & staples. Ascential data sets include several years of history and can be utilized to build robust financial models well beyond those typically available in current investment research. Inquiries to


Why Alternative Data is Key to Analyzing the Consumer Sector

The following is a guest article by Jeremy Baksht, Head of Alternative Data for consumer data firm Ascential. Contact for more information.   Corporates in the consumer and retail sectors ...