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Mike Mayhew is one of the leading experts on the investment research industry. In addition to founding Integrity Research, Mike is on the board of directors of Investorside Research Association, the non-profit trade association for the independent research industry, and a frequent speaker on research industry trends and developments. Mike has over thirty years of research industry experience. Email:

The Value of Face Time

The following is a guest article from Tom Brakke, former independent consultant for one of the twelve investment banks that was a party to the $1.5 billion Global Research Analyst ...

Goldman Sachs Closes Down Hudson Street Services

New York, NY – A few weeks ago, Reuters published an article about Goldman Sachs shutting down its independent research marketing unit citing a lack of interest from the firm’s ...

Autonomous Research to Join U.S. Fray

Guy Moszkowski’s decision to join Autonomous Research LLC illustrates that independent boutiques can attract top analysts.  Moszkowski, a financial services analyst who has been voted onto Institutional Investor magazine’s “All-America ...

Former BlackRock Exec Starts ETF Research Firm

Former head of BlackRock’s ETF research, Deborah Fuhr, will be launching a new independent research and consulting firm that will focus on the global ETF industry on Monday, February 27th. New ...

Research Profile: Global Mobile Market – Research2Guidance

The mobile market is a vibrant one with multiple players competing for millions of consumers who are willing to purchase devices and services.  Today we are profiling Research2Guidance, an independent market research ...

Lil’ Orphan Washington Research Group

Pity the Washington Research Group.  Their parent, MF Global, is now history and they are orphaned, for the fourth time.  The only consolation is that they are used to it. Washington ...

A Day in the Life of an Equity Associate

A recent article on a job recruiting website outlines a day in the life of an equity associate, detailing salary expectations as well as a description of an associate’s role.  ...

SEC to Banks: Accept Payments Through CCAs

New York – The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission issued a letter clarifying that investment banks providing proprietary research can be paid through Client Commission Arrangements (CCAs).  This innocuous letter ...

DISCERN – A New Alternative Research Provider

Another alternative research provider emerged this week. Headed by seasoned Wall Street technology analyst, Harry Blount, DISCERN is run by ex-fundamental analysts that sit at the top of the information ...
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Regional Banks Dominate Small Cap Research

ResearchWatch subscribers can download the full ResearchFocus report for free: 2010 US Small Cap ResearchFocus (06-10) Regional investment banks are the top providers of equity research on small capitalization stocks ...
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