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Bloomberg Tradebook continues to expand its distribution platform, announcing that six new independent research providers have been added, bringing the total to fifteen.  Bloomberg Tradebook’s objective is to build the platform to twenty to twenty-five providers over the next six months.

The providers recently added are:

  • The Analyst, a London-based boutique founded by former Fidelity International analyst Mark Hiley;
  • H&M Consulting Group (HMCG), a Florida-based channel checker with proactive coverage of the retail, restaurant and consumer sectors and bespoke coverage of  industrial, healthcare, and TMT (Technology, Media and Telecom);
  • IDC Tech Investor, the buy-side oriented subsidiary of tech industry consultant IDC;
  • John Burns Real Estate Consulting, a California-based industry consulting firm which is one of the leading specialists in the housing industry;
  • Lombard Street Research, a well establish London-based macro shop with offices in Asia and the U.S.; and
  • inThought Research, a health care primary research provider which is a subsidiary of Walters Kluwer Pharma Solutions.

Two of the recently added providers were formerly on Instinet’s research distribution platform: HMCG and IDC Tech Investor.  Combined with ITG’s acquisition of Ross Smith earlier this summer, Instinet’s platform has seen a number of important defections.

According to Alvin Kressler, the research product manager for Bloomberg Tradebook, the platform is expecting to add another ten to fifteen providers over the next six months.  The emphasis will be to add more providers in Asia and Europe.

Bloomberg Tradebook currently has 30 sales oriented employees globally, including research consultants, research sales and primary account sales.

The full press release is included below:

Bloomberg Tradebook Boosts Independent Research Offering

Research from IDC, Lombard Street Research and H&M Consulting Group Now Available

NEW YORK, Sep 28, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Bloomberg Tradebook, a leading global agency broker, announced today that six new independent research providers have been selected to join its research services offering. Bloomberg Tradebook clients now have access to premium market research from 15 independent research firms that provide an informed perspective on the markets they cover.

The Analyst, H&M Consulting Group (HMCG), IDC Tech Investor, a division of IDC, John Burns Real Estate Consulting, Lombard Street Research, and inThought Research, which is part of Wolters Kluwer Pharma Solutions join an existing network of independent research providers first announced in May, including Capital Markets CRC, IPO Financial Network, Roubini Global Economics, Riedel Research Group, Sales Pulse Research, Thompson Research Group, Turning Point Analytics, Two Rivers Analytics and Veritas Investment Research.

“Demand for fundamental research is growing because the in-depth industry analysis informs effective trade ideas,” said Ray Tierney, President and Chief Executive Officer of Bloomberg Tradebook.”Our rigorous selection process identifies alternative research providers with industry knowledge that comes from data-driven analysis.”

As part of its service, Bloomberg Tradebook research consultants review industry reports and coordinate introductions to analysts at participating IRPs. In addition, a flexible payment model allows clients to pay for the research they need using hard dollars, commission sharing arrangements (CSAs) or bundled commissions. [1]

Recognized for its proven research methodology, IDC employs more than 1,000 analysts in 110 markets worldwide who provide comprehensive research to the investment management community through the IDC Tech Investor service. Kevin Kane, Group Vice President, Investment Research at IDC said, “Collaborating with Bloomberg Tradebook allows us to provide customized research support to its audience of financial services professionals. Investment managers who require in-depth market analysis can rely on the IDC Tech Investor offering to gain unique insight into technology trends at a truly global level.”

H&M Consulting Group (HMCG) is an independent research firm that uses primary research methodologies to help clients gain insight into a company’s fundamental performance and value drivers. HMCG conducts ongoing channel checks in the retail, restaurant and consumer space as well as custom proprietary research in the industrial, healthcare, TMT (Technology, Media and Telecom) sectors, among others. “Investors use our data to get an accurate and predictive picture of health across many companies and industries,” said Chris Harrie, Managing Director and Principal at HMCG. “We conduct research that allows an objective analysis of the factors that impact a company’s fundamental performance in the marketplace.”

For more information on Bloomberg Tradebook research services contact:

— Alvin Kressler (the Americas and APAC) at and +1 212 617 7074

— Erika Hempel (EMEA) at and +44 20 7073 3192

[1] Only available to eligible parties in jurisdictions where legally permissible.


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