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In April of this year, we blogged about how Capital IQ had completed a deal with FirstRain to distribute information.  Once again Cap IQ has garnered our interest with the acquisition of Reuters Estimates and Reuters Research-on-Demand databases, as well as some related assets from Thomson Reuters.Our last blog on Cap IQ talked about how the deal with FirstRain gave them access to ground-level primary data.  Now it seems that Cap IQ is strengthening the other end of their research research capabilities with greater access to street research.  According to Randall Winn, Executive Managing Director of Capital IQ, the acquisition of the information in these databases gives Cap IQ over 370 sell-side firms who contribute some form of content to their platform,.

When Thomson and Reuters merged in April of 2008 the European Commission and US Department of Justice stipulated certain requirements in accordance with anti-trust laws.  The sale of the information contained within these databases helps to meet some of these regulatory requirements.  Thomson Reuters still owns the databases and their related assets and can redistribute the information after the sale.  Of course, Cap IQ is not the only company to have purchased the information in these databases, and Integrity has learned that other companies such as FactSet have also gained access to the information.

Reuters Estimates provides forecast information collected from over 600 brokers around the world.  Data is provided on over 27 measures which include revenue, profit, EBITDA, and cash flow and the database also contains historical data.  Reuters Research-On-Demand database helps to provide actual research from over 1000 providers of content globally.  The research includes broker research and morning notes, independent reports, news, and significant developments but is primarily concerned with street research.

Capital IQ provides information and software solutions to financial institutions, advisory firms, and corporations. They help clients access information on companies, people, securities, industries, and markets worldwide. Solutions are provided through their web and Excel-based applications as well as client-side systems. The firm was acquired by Standard & Poor’s in 2004. The firm currently has over 2,200 clients which include a range of different business types.  Their database includes information on 79,000 public companies, 1,000,000 private companies, 11,000 private equity firms, 1,700,000 professionals, 234,000 M&A transactions and 235,000 rated securities. Clients can deploy the Capital IQ Platform either as a standalone solution or seamlessly integrate its components into existing business applications and portals via systems integration and data feeds.


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