CAPIS Hosts 2010 HealthCare Forum


New York, NY – Although the U.S. healthcare bill has finally been signed into law, most institutional investors remain quite interested in learning which companies are likely to win and which are likely to lose as the 2,000 plus page legislation is implemented.  As a result, agency broker, Capital Institutional Services, Inc. (also known as CAPIS) is hosting its 2010 Healthcare Forum on Wednesday, April 7th at 11:30 am in Dallas, TX.

The focus of this event will be a lunch and panel discussion followed by one-on-one meetings with three of the nation’s top independent healthcare analysts who were recruited by CAPIS partner, Integrity Research Associates, LLC.  These analysts include Richard Evans of Sector & Sovereign, Elliot Favus, M.D. of Favus Institutional Research, and Matthew Duffy, Managing Partner of BDR Research, LLC.  This panel will be moderated by Michael Mayhew, Chairman and Director of Research for Integrity Research Associates.

According to Mayhew, “Based on our database, there are currently over 750 firms that produce institutional quality research of some kind on the healthcare industry, of which 160 specialize in healthcare.  We are extremely fortunate that experienced analysts from three of the most highly respected independent healthcare research providers have agreed to participate in the upcoming CAPIS Healthcare Forum.  All attendees should leave with new actionable investment ideas as a result.”

A few of the topics that will be addressed by this panel includes the likelihood that the new healthcare bill is altered by the slew of legal challenges currently underway; what changes might be made to the bill in the foreseeable future; the unintended consequences of the new bill; the sectors that are likely to benefit most from the new bill; the sectors that will be hardest hit by the new bill; and the individual healthcare stocks that our panel of analysts likes most (or least) as a result of rapidly changing industry dynamics.

The 2010 CAPIS Healthcare Forum will take place at The Tower Club, Thanksgiving Tower, 1601 Elm Street, Dallas, TX 75201.  While the panel lunch is free to buy-side investors, attendance is limited, so prior reservations are required.  For more information about attending this event, please contact Anne Barlow, Vice President and Director of Corporate Access of CAPIS, 214-978-4754.


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