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Research Aggregator RSRCHXchange Expands Losses After Acquisition by Liquidnet

RSRCHXchange, which labels itself ‘The Research Aggregator and Marketplace’, saw losses grow during 2019 as revenues failed to materialize, according to regulatory filings.  Despite the desultory results, Liquidnet continues to ...
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Alternative Data Consolidation Follows Pricing Pressures

A growing number of alternative datasets are disappearing as vendors exit the business, according to Neudata analysis presented at a recent conference.  At the same time, fee pressures remain strong, ...
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Mergers and AI are Curing ESG Data’s Ills

This is the second of a two-part review of the ESG data landscape, which examines current challenges, new developments, and future opportunities.  The prior article can be found here.  Universal ...
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Planned Hiring on Wall Street Outstrips Layoffs for 4th Straight Month

Both layoffs and new hiring on Wall Street dipped in November.  Despite this fact, new hiring exceeded planned layoffs for the fourth consecutive month – the first time this has ...
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ESG Data is Inconsistent, Confusing, Opaque Yet Increasingly Vital

This is the first of a two-part review of ESG data, which examines current challenges, new developments, and future opportunities. Despite increasing use, ESG research and data have serious limitations.  ...

Study: Expert Network Industry Tops $1.5 Billion Despite Muted Growth During Pandemic

Expert networks were not immune from the effects of Covid-19 yet continued to grow double-digits in 2020, bringing the total industry size over $1.5 billion, according to analysis released by ...
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US IPO Activity Dips Sharply in November

US IPO activity dipped sharply in November as only 10 deals were priced during the month, 23% lower than the number of deals priced during the same month of last ...
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Despite Faltering European Revenues, Capital Economics Posted Revenue Gains in 2019

In contrast to the sagging revenues of rival BCA Research, Capital Economics, a leading London-based economics research firm, continues to eke out revenue gains despite a decline in European revenues.  ...

Webinar: Healthcare Stocks in a Post-COVID World

This Friday, December 4, 2020 at 11:00 am, Integrity Research Associates will host the third in its series of live ResearchInsights webinars featuring three highly regarded independent healthcare analysts to ...
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Europe Re-bundles Small and Mid-Cap Research

The European Parliament passed legislation allowing investment firms to pay for small and mid-cap research using client commissions, as part of a larger Covid-19 relief package.  The move further isolates ...
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