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VisasQ Revenues Flattened in 2022

VisasQ, a Tokyo-based expert network which acquired US-based expert network Coleman Research, reported that operating revenues fell -1% in its latest quarter, reflecting deteriorating expert network market conditions.  The firm ...
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Wall Street Jobs Outlook Continues to Worsen in January 2023

Wall Street layoffs surged for the second consecutive month to hit over 10,600 layoffs in January, while hiring plans fell sharply during the month.  The bearish jobs performance is consistent ...

Expert Network Hiring Fell 50% During 2022

Expert networks put the brakes on recruiting new staff during 2022 according to analysis prepared by expert network marketplace Inex One and Integrity Research.  Job postings from 21 leading expert ...
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MSCI ESG Research Revenues Grew 37% in 2022

MSCI’s long-term commitment to its ESG research business is paying off as the unit grew nearly 40% in 2022 to $228 million.  MSCI is not resting on its laurels as ...
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U.S. IPO Activity Starts Off 2023 on a Weak Note

US IPO activity remained weak in January 2023 as only seven deals were priced during the month, 12.5% below the level of deals priced during the same month of last ...
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Transaction Data Firm Fable Data Expands into Germany

UK-based Fable Data, a pioneer in collecting European transaction data, will be opening a Berlin office as it seeks to expand its European coverage.  The firm recently received an undisclosed ...
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Alternative Data Staffing Levels Cooled in 2022

Employee levels at alternative data firms slowed in 2022 after a post-covid surge in 2021.  Our index of employee registrations on LinkedIn for twenty-five alt data firms increased 12% during ...
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Alternative Data Distributor Exabel Closed Over a Dozen New Data Partnerships in 2022

Oslo-based Exabel added fourteen data and software partners over the last year as it positions itself as a tool to help alt data providers integrate analytics with their data.  The ...

Hedge Funds Outperform the Broad Market in 2022

According to Chicago-based hedge fund research and consulting firm HFR, hedge funds recorded a 0.4% loss in December, as equity markets fell on investor nervousness over future U.S. Federal Reserve ...
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Conferences Grew Nearly 30% in 2022 But Sell-side Conferences Barely Budged

Conferences came roaring back in 2022, but bank=sponsored conferences grew less than 2%, according to data supplied by investor relations platform provider Virtua.  Physical conferences resumed and virtual conferences waned.   ...
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