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NLP Applications in Investment Research

The following is a guest article written by Tejas Shastry, serial entrepreneur and Chief Data Scientist of GreenKey (GK).   GK leverages NLP to convert complex, mission critical audio and text ...
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Over Two Dozen Banks Have Exited or Restructured Equities Units

Commerzbank’s recent plan to shut down its equities unit is part of a broader trend of restructuring the low-margin business.  By our count, twenty-five banks have re-engineered their equities units ...
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New Short-Only Research Firm Rejects ‘Activist’ Business Model

As 'activist' research firm Citron Research shuts down its short research after being targeted by retail investors, a new short ideas firm, The Bindle Paper, is embracing a subscription-based revenue ...
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Former Research Director Starts ESG Data Firm

After more than a dozen years in research management, Shai Hill left his European Director of Research job at Macquarie Group in 2018 to try something different: an AI-driven data ...
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Mixed Wall Street Jobs Outlook in January 2021

The Wall Street employment picture was mixed in January 2020 as layoffs surged from an extremely low December level.  New jobs, on the other hand, also rose 183% to the ...
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AI Startup Inferess Launches Supply Chain Analytics

London-based Inferess is releasing AI-driven supply chain analytics this month, challenging more established providers of the data.  The firm leverages natural language processing and machine learning with the goal of ...
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JP Morgan Returns as Best Overall Research Firm and Challenges UBS for Top Equity Research Title

UBS was ranked the top global equity research firm for the fourth year in a row while JP Morgan resumed the top overall research ranking (including fixed income research) after ...
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ESG Data Firm Util Leverages NLP for Fresh Approach

Artificial intelligence is transforming ESG research, and London-based Util represents one example of the innovative ways AI is being applied.  Using natural language processing, Util evaluates companies as an aggregation ...
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Alternative Data Firm Thinknum Launches Reddit Dataset

In response to Reddit-fueled retail stock trading, Thinknum Alternative Data, a leading source of web data, released a database that allows investment firms to track companies mentioned on Reddit.  The ...

US IPO Activity Starts Off Strong in January

US IPO activity surged in January, 2021 as 38 deals were priced during the month, 192% higher than the number of deals priced during the same month of last year.  ...
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