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Startup Daloopa Seeks to Disrupt Fundamental Data Space with AI

Model-provider Daloopa recently emerged from stealth mode with ambitions to displace current fundamental data provided by vendors such as FactSet and Standard & Poor’s CapIQ. The firm has embraced natural ...

Why Alternative Data is Key to Analyzing the Consumer Sector

The following is a guest article by Jeremy Baksht, Head of Alternative Data for consumer data firm Ascential. Contact for more information.   Corporates in the consumer and retail sectors ...
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The Commoditization of the Expert Network Industry

The following is an interview with Stuart Lewtan, a two-time entrepreneur who is founder & CEO of Boston-based Zintro, one of the first expert networks to heavily utilize matching algorithms ...
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Investor Conferences Slip While Cancellations Rise in 1st Qtr 2020

According to data provided by New York based corporate events data provider Wall Street Horizon, the number of investor conferences and events actually held during the 1st Qtr 2020 slipped ...
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JP Morgan Bests Goldman During Blowout Equities Quarter for US Bulge Firms

Wild market swings during the first quarter of 2020 led to out-sized equities revenues for the largest US banks.  Citigroup more than doubled its fourth quarter results while JP Morgan ...

Invisage Launches Thematic Indices from Sell-Side Research

Invisage, a UK based research analytics platform that extracts actionable trade ideas from sell-side research, recently released its COVID-19 Thematic and Stay at Home Thematic Indices, which overlay two popular investment themes with ...
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Why Geolocation Data Firms are Embracing the Pandemic as a Godsend

Privacy regulation has been a millstone around the neck of geolocation data providers, prompting a surge in consolidations.  Our new index of geolocation data firm staffing suggests that employment slowed ...

Corporate Access During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The following is a guest article written by Caspar Luard (, who heads sales and marketing for MeetMax, a sophisticated registration and meeting software platform for B2B conferences and trade shows currently used ...
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Wall Street Jobs Outlook Remains Healthy in March Despite COVID-19

Despite the recent rise in layoffs caused by COVID-19 “stay at home” orders across the U.S., the Wall Street employment picture actually looked healthy in March as layoffs on Wall ...
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Employee Growth Stalls for Alternative Data Firms as Pressures Increase

The alternative data industry has been buffeted by negative press, increasing privacy concerns, and pandemic aftershocks, but just how bad is it?  We turned to some alternative data – LinkedIn ...
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