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Forensic Research Firm Bedrock AI Uses NLP for Short Ideas

After raising $1 million in seed capital last year, Toronto-based Bedrock AI is seeking to expand its forensic analysis of regulatory filings.  Although the current market environment is more conducive ...

Equity Hedge Funds Begin Second Half of 2022 with Gains

According to Chicago-based hedge fund research and consulting firm HFR, hedge funds posted a modest 1.3% gain in July, despite accelerating inflation, interest rate hikes by the US Federal Reserve, ...
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US Bulge Equities Thrive During First Half of 2022 While Credit Suisse Flails

Among the biggest global equity businesses, US firms continue to take share from their European rivals as the very largest franchises become ever more dominant. Credit Suisse announced yet another ...

FCA Warns It Will Crack Down on ESG Mislabeling

Earlier this week, the FCA warned the industry that it will scrutinize the marketing used by hedge funds and private equity firms about ESG related investment products to ensure they ...
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Wall Street Jobs Data Remains Weak in July 2022

Wall Street layoffs rose modestly in July 2022, while July hiring plans plunged from the high levels recorded in June.  The weakness in July’s jobs data reflects the cautious attitude ...

MKT MediaStats Uses AI to Generate Thematic Research

Research Boutique MKT MediaStats uses natural language processing and machine learning to identify and monitor investment themes emerging from social media and news sources.  The firm has a long-standing partnership ...

Wall Street Events Record Seasonal Dip in Summer 2022

Corporate event data vendor, Wall Street Horizon, recently reported that the number of Wall Street oriented conferences, roadshows, analyst meetings and company conference calls fell 31.5% in July 2022 when ...
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LinkedIn Gets Its Way Against hiQ As Meta Files New Web Scraping Cases

In a sad footnote to the landmark web scraping case hiQ Labs Inc v LinkedIn Corporation, a federal judge in San Francisco vacated the 2017 order that required Microsoft-owned LinkedIn ...
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U.S. IPO Activity Remains Weak in July 2022

US IPO activity remained weak in July 2022 as a paltry 7 deals were priced during the month, 87% below the number of deals priced during the same month of ...

Expert Network Tegus Acquires Financial Modeler Canalyst

As most expert networks diversify away from the financial sector, fast-growing Tegus is deepening its financial footprint through its purchase of Canalyst, which provides curated financial models on 4,000 public ...
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