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Jury Convicts in Big Data Insider Trading Trial

The US Securities and Exchange Commission won a jury verdict in a ‘big data’ insider trading case involving proprietary credit card transaction data.  The defendants, who worked as data analysts ...

FOMC Transcripts Show Insider Trading Concerns

FOMC transcripts released recently showed that the Federal Reserve expressed concerns about a 2010 leak of policy discussions, fearing that this could result in a loss of credibility and expose ...

2016 Outlook: Recruiting

The following perspective on the 2016 investment research recruiting outlook is from Oliver Rolfe, who heads Spartan Partnership, a London-based executive search firm specializing in equities recruiting. I have been skeptical ...

Layoffs on Wall Street Surge in December

Layoffs on Wall Street surged in December, marking the largest number of job cuts since May as banking executives try to reduce expenses to keep pace with tepid fixed income ...

Liberum Capital Shows Top Buy Recommendation Performance For 3 Years Ending 12-31-15

The top performing equity buy recommendations for the three year period ending December 31, 2015 came from London-based investment bank Liberum Capital, according to performance information collected by Investars, a ...

2015 Review: Mid-Tier Hiring

Research hiring at mid-sized and regional banks was mostly churn, as the mid-tier firms hired analysts from each other. Sterne Agee became a major poaching ground as its equity business ...

Despite Innovation, Sell Side Still Dominates Corporate Access

The following is a guest article from Caspar Luard, who heads sales and marketing for MeetMax. The last 10-15 years have seen radical changes how the sell side interacts with the ...

Hacker Pleads Guilty to Insider Trading on Stolen Press Releases

Last week a Georgia-based real estate developer plead guilty for participating in the first ever criminal insider trading scheme involving hacked information.  US authorities accuse the defendant for his involvement ...

US Equity Analysts Upbeat about Research Industry

The following is a guest commentary from John Gallagher, Managing Director at Ludwig Wessel & Associates, an executive search firm specializing in the financial services industry, and is based on ...

Summary of Latest MiFID II Research Payment Rules

The following summary of the research rules contained in the latest MiFID II draft is provided by Nicholas Dray, Manager of Independent Research & Commission Management at Marex Spectron, a ...