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Egyptian Bank Offloads its Majority Stake in Auerbach Grayson

Cairo-based Beltone Financial Holding sold its 60% ownership of New York-based brokerage Auerbach Grayson & Co. for an undisclosed amount to an unnamed group of investors.  The move highlights the ...

Confusion Abounds Regarding First Half Research Payments

During the past few months, a number of conflicting developments have taken place in the research industry to create confusion regarding the likelihood of near-term research payment levels.  The following ...
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A Few Takeaways from the ‘Unbundling Uncovered’ Conference

Substantive Research’s influential conference on investment research went virtual Wednesday, covering the status of research unbundling as Europe considers rolling back MiFID II, as well as the impact of COVID-19 ...

RavenPack Launches New Insider Transactions Data Service

News sentiment analysis provider RavenPack recently announced that it has launched its Insider Transactions Data Solution, including 20 years of data on insider transactions combined with the firm’s proprietary news ...
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Study: Web Scrapers Represent a Quarter of Internet Traffic

Web-scraped data is the most popular form of alternative data, and its growing use is creating issues for the retail websites being scraped.  An increasing number of ‘bot management’ companies ...

Aletheia Capital Partners with Rosenblatt for US Distribution

Aletheia Capital, a Hong Kong based investment advisory firm, recently announced that it has partnered with New York institutional brokerage Rosenblatt Securities to increase the distribution of its investment research ...

Why EU Backsliding on Research Unbundling Matters

Recent articles dismissing potential EU reforms to MiFID II’s unbundling provisions are missing broader ramifications.  EU regulators have shown themselves to be increasingly skeptical about the consequences of research unbundling, ...

CRUX Hosts Data & Sustainability Summit

Next week, data infrastructure provider Crux Informatics, will be hosting a two-day virtual summit titled The Latest in Sustainable Data Infrastructure and ESG Investing covering the latest in the sustainability ...
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Active Management Is in Trouble (Again)

Active’s failure to outperform during the COVID-19 crisis will drive assets to passive managers - Can active funds innovate in time to retain AUM? The following is an excerpt from ...
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Is COVID-19 Spurring Alternative Data Growth?

The alternative data hype machine is in full throat, proclaiming that the pandemic is a watershed moment for broad buy-side adoption of alternative data.  To assess whether the coronavirus is ...
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