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Mixed Wall Street Jobs Outlook Seen in October 2022

Wall Street layoffs surged in October when compared to the same time last year, while hiring plans also rose modestly during the month.  The mixed jobs performance reflects a cautious ...
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Wall Street Jobs Outlook Deteriorates in September 2022

Wall Street layoffs surged, while hiring plans also fell in September 2022 reflecting the renewed weakness in the jobs outlook as many bank executives worry about rising U.S. inflation, continued ...

Wall Street Layoffs Plunge in August 2022

Wall Street layoffs plunged in August 2022, while hiring plans rose from the extremely low levels recorded in July.  The improvement in August’s jobs data reflects the cautiously optimistic view ...
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Wall Street Jobs Data Remains Weak in July 2022

Wall Street layoffs rose modestly in July 2022, while July hiring plans plunged from the high levels recorded in June.  The weakness in July’s jobs data reflects the cautious attitude ...
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Banking Slowdown Could Cause Layoffs & Hiring Freezes

In the wake of high inflation, recession fears, and a dramatic dip in IPO activity, hiring on Wall Street has slowed in 2022.  As a result, some analysts believe that ...
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Weak Wall Street Jobs Data in June 2022

Wall Street layoffs surged in June 2022 from extremely low levels in the prior month, while June hiring plans plunged from historically high levels in May.  Consistent with June’s weak ...

Wall Street Jobs Data Improves in April 2022, but…

Wall Street layoffs dipped in April 2022 from extremely high levels in the prior month, but still remained weak compared to recent history.  Simultaneously, April new hiring plans rose modestly.  ...

Will Plunging ECM Deals Leads to Layoffs?

Equity offerings in Europe, the Middle East and Africa have plunged almost 70% so far this year, while the number of IPOs in the US during the 1st Qtr 2022 ...
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Wall Street Layoffs Surge in March 2022

The Wall Street employment picture got considerably worse in March 2022 as layoffs surged to the highest level seen since March 2019.  Simultaneously, March new hiring plans plunged to the ...
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Mixed Wall Street Jobs Outlook in February 2022

The Wall Street employment outlook was mixed in February 2022 as layoffs slipped for the second month in a row, while new hiring also fell 28% from the prior month.  ...
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