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OTC Markets Launches Research Portal for Small Companies

Earlier this week, OTC Markets Group (OTCQX: OTCM), announced the launch of a new online portal for micro and small cap companies listed on their platform to obtain third-party research from ...

German Boutique Bank Uses Issuer-Paid Model to Fund Research

M&A advisory boutique goetzpartners Corporate Finance GmbH is expanding its equity research team in London, according to an article in  The Munich-based firm has also adopted an issuer-paid business ...

LifeSci Advisors Seeks Pardon For Racy After-Party By Hiring More Women

LifeSci Advisors, a healthcare investor relations consultancy which offers paid-for research, has been groveling for forgiveness after hosting an after-party which offended gender sensibilities in the biotech industry.  Separately it ...

Edison Adds New Chairman

Edison Group, a well-established issuer-paid equity research firm, appointed a prominent UK venture capitalist as its new Chairman.  Tom Teichman, founder and chairman of Spark Ventures, will work with the ...

Edison Hires New Head of Investment Trusts

Edison Investment Research, a successful London-based issuer-paid research firm, hired an HSBC banks analyst, Robert Murphy, to head its investment trust research team.  The five-person team writes reports on over ...

LifeSci Advisors Apologizes For Party That Outraged Biotech Industry

LifeSci Advisors, a healthcare investor relations consultancy which offers paid-for research, is apologizing to the biotech industry for hiring slinky models for an after-party it organized during a recent industry ...
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LifeSci Advisors Shows Paid-For Model Can Work Well

LifeSci Advisors, LLC, a healthcare investor relations consultancy, is a poster child for paid-for research as it has more than doubled its staff over the last twelve months and is ...