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Grifols Files Lawsuit against Gotham City Research

A few weeks ago, Spanish plasma-based medicines producer Grifols filed a lawsuit against short-oriented research firm Gotham City Research.  Gotham is one of a handful of successful “short and shout” ...
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New Short-Only Research Firm Rejects ‘Activist’ Business Model

As 'activist' research firm Citron Research shuts down its short research after being targeted by retail investors, a new short ideas firm, The Bindle Paper, is embracing a subscription-based revenue ...
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How A Short & Shout Researcher Morphed Into Long/Short Hedge Fund

Dubai-based Suhail Capital is a research-driven equity long/short hedge fund, which often publicizes its research on short ideas.  Founder Akram Annous was a prop trader for a regional bank in ...

Short Ideas Provider Muddy Waters Attracts Outside Investors While Shifting To Fixed Income

Short and shout researcher Carson Block of Muddy Waters hired a PIMCO credit analyst for his new hedge fund affiliate, Muddy Waters Capital.  The move signals a new activist strategy ...
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New Short Ideas Providers Profit From Worsened Market Conditions

Volatility in 2015 was a petri dish for new short ideas providers, with three new firms making an entrance, according to Activist Shorts Research, which tracks activist short sellers. The ...