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Arete Research Revenues Improved in 2021 But Remained Below Pre-MiFID Levels

Arete Research Services LLP, a London-based independent research boutique specializing in the technology sector, grew revenues 4% during the twelve months ending March 31, 2021, as the firm rebounds from ...
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US Bulge Equities Revenues Had Banner Year Despite Q4 2021 Sag

Led by the top three franchises, equities revenues for the leading US banks hit new highs in 2021.  However, income peaked in the first quarter of 2021 and trended down ...
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IRP CrossBorder Capital Grew Revenues 30% in 2021

CrossBorder Capital, a London-based independent research firm focused on capital flows, has grown its revenues by 67% since the onset of MiFID II by expanding beyond research into fund management ...
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After Modest 2020 Results Capital Economics Shakes Up Management

Capital Economics, a leading London-based economics research firm, suffered flat revenues and declining profits in 2020, according to regulatory filings.  The firm has changed its management team, hiring a new ...
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Bernstein Autonomous Research Endures Trading Desk Shutdown

Bernstein's Autonomous Research suffered through the trauma of closing its trading desk while shifting more resources to its core research business.   Although revenues took a significant hit, forgoing £6.5 million ...
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Redburn Plans ESG Research to Stem Revenue Declines

Redburn, one of Europe’s largest research boutiques, has seen its revenues fall 25% since their peak in 2017, according to recent regulatory filings.  After a strategic review, the company intends ...
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Q2 2021 Bulge Equities Results: UBS Surges While Credit Suisse Falters

UBS showed strong equity results while arch-rival Credit Suisse slashed its prime brokerage unit in the wake of its Archegos loss.  Barclays continued its momentum while SocGen and BNP Paribas ...
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Q2 US Bulge Equities Revenues Ease After Record First Quarter

Morgan Stanley resumed its equities leadership after its Archegos stumble last quarter, while Goldman’s surge faded.  JP Morgan’s equity market revenues surpassed Goldman’s to take the second spot.  Despite their ...
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US Bulge Equities Revenues Set New Records in Q1 2021 Despite Morgan Stanley Stumble

Morgan Stanley’s $.9 billion loss from Archegos cost it the top position as rivals Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan each booked over $3 billion in quarterly equities revenues.  Nevertheless, even ...
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2020 Bulge Bank Equities Results: US Banks Prosper at Expense of Non-US Banks

Thanks to a pandemic-induced surge in trading, equities revenues for the nine largest equities franchises soared 20% in 2020 to $49 billion from $40.6 billion a year ago.  However, not ...
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