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Are Channel Checks Legit?

New York, NY – Last November, buy-side analysts were shocked as the growing insider trading investigation seemed to call into question their use of expert networks and channel checks.  In ...

Behavioral Finance lessons from BP

New York – A forthcoming paper analyzes BP from a behavioral finance perspective. One of the main findings is that insufficient knowledge, or acknowledgment, of BP’s corporate culture led analysts ...

The Tax Man Cometh – Even for Research Providers

New York, NY – As fiscal troubles deepen across most of the U.S., many states are desperately seeking ways to collect more tax revenue from sources never targeted before.  This ...

Abolish the Global Research Settlement?

The following is a guest article by Stanley (Bud) Morten, C.F.A., who was appointed by the regulators to be an independent consultant overseeing Citigroup’s spending on independent research under the ...

Research is Sold, It Is Not Bought – Part 2

New York, NY – Over the past nine months, a number of independent research firms have come to the realization that in order to rebuild their research businesses in the ...

The Lehman Equity Research Playbook

Lehman’s U.S. equity research department made the climb from obscurity to a top ranking twice in recent history, and now its successor has similar designs in Europe and Asia.  The ...
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