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Crowdsourced Grocery Pricing Firm Basket Adds Alternative Data

Basket, a shopper-powered company that collects data from 98% of grocery stores nationwide, is increasingly marketing its pricing trend data to the financial sector. Based on an application that provides ...
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Seeking Alpha Buys Quant Research Firm

Seeking Alpha, a leading source of crowd-sourced research, acquired CressCap Investment Research, a quantitative research firm which incorporates fundamental and technical elements in its analysis.  Terms were not disclosed.  The ...

Ravenpack Licenses Alternative Data to Crowd-Sourced Trading Site

Algorithmic trading incubator CloudQuant is adding sentiment data from Ravenpack to its platform.  The move reinforces the connection between sentiment data and low-latency trading. CloudQuant offers aspiring quant traders tools ...

Crowd-sourced Estimize Turns Profitable and Hires CFO/COO

Estimize, a crowd-sourced financial estimates platform, hired the CFO of expert network Coleman Research as the firm says it is now profitable.  The move is a part of a trend ...
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Quant Research Firm ExtractAlpha Adds Crowdsourced Stock Ratings

ExtractAlpha, a quantitative research firm seeking to extract signals from alternative data, has begun reselling data based on crowdsourced stock recommendations from individual traders.  The offering is its third offering ...

Nasdaq Adds Alternative Data To Its Data Offerings

In an effort to diversify its business further into information delivery, Nasdaq launched a new service which distributes social media sentiment and other ‘big data’ sources to investors. Nasdaq’s new ...
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SEC Sweeps Issuer-Paid Research Abuses

The US Securities and Exchange Commission took enforcement actions against seven research firms which failed to disclose they were issuer-paid. The SEC filed fraud charges against seven firms that offer ...

Seeking Alpha Disproves Free Content Mantra

For many years, marketing gurus have argued that content on the web must be free.  Internet subscription services just could never work.  However, Seeking Alpha’s Investor Marketplace has disproven this ...

Estimize’s Crowdsourced Stock-Picking Application Fined $50,000 By SEC

In a bizarre application of the 2,300 page Dodd-Frank Act, the US Securities and Exchange Commission deemed Estimize’s crowdsourced stock-picking application, called Forcerank, an illegal offering of derivatives to persons ...

How Social Media, Crowd-Sourcing and Big Data are Transforming Research

We were recently asked to give a presentation to approximately 2,000 Fidelity Brokerage customers on how social media and big data are transforming investment research.  Here is the link to ...
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