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Bloomberg’s New Function Merges Alternative & Traditional Data

In a groundbreaking move, Bloomberg recently announced the unveiling of a new function on its Bloomberg Terminal -- ALTD <GO>.  This function enables users to integrate alternative data with traditional ...

New Class-Action Lawsuit Brought Against Life360

Life360, a popular family social networking app, recently disclosed a pending lawsuit in its May 15th, 2023 quarterly earnings report. This follows dozens of pending lawsuits surrounding data sales by ...

Geolocation Data Provider Raises $100 million

Israel-based Placer Labs, which markets geolocation data through, closed a $100 million Series C round as it plans to expand its data offerings.  Placer’s successful raise reflects improved conditions ...

PlaceIQ Acquires Skyhook’s Geospatial Insights

Earlier this week, New York-based location data and analytics provider PlaceIQ Inc. announced that it has acquired Geospatial Insights, the geolocation data business of Skyhook Wireless, a firm that supplies ...
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Why Geolocation Data Firms are Embracing the Pandemic as a Godsend

Privacy regulation has been a millstone around the neck of geolocation data providers, prompting a surge in consolidations.  Our new index of geolocation data firm staffing suggests that employment slowed ...

Geolocation Data Consolidation: Foursquare Merges With Factual While PlaceIQ Buys Freckle IoT

Within the space of 24 hours, Foursquare Labs announced a merger with rival Factual while PlaceIQ reported its acquisition of Freckle IoT.  The wave of geolocation data consolidation is symptomatic ...

Market Service Inc. Acquires Assets of Thasos Group

Earlier this week, Long Island New York based information services company, Market Services Inc. (MSI) acquired the assets of geolocation data vendor, Thasos Group. Recent MSI Acquisition According to WatersTechnology, ...
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Alt Data Use Rises…Among Central Bankers?

In recent years, the use of alternative data has become popular among hedge funds and other institutional investors.  However, recently, the spread of COVID-19 has prompted a few central bankers ...

Earnest Research Acquires Geolocation Data Provider Alpha Hat

New York-based consumer oriented alternative data and analytics provider, Earnest Research, recently announced that it has acquired Alpha Hat, a mobile geolocation research and data provider.  Terms of the deal ...

Geolocation Data Firm Cuebiq Launches New Privacy Compliance Solution

As privacy regulations increasingly tighten, alternative data firm Cuebiq which specializes in geolocation data introduced a blockchain driven capability which verifies consumer consent to data collection.  Although mainly targeted to ...
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