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Geospatial Firm TellusLabs Bought By Agricultural Company

Indigo Ag, a new-wave agricultural company seeking to improve crop yields sustainably, acquired geospatial analysis firm TellusLabs.  Terms were not disclosed. Indigo Ag, founded in 2014 to substitute microbial techniques ...
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New Chinese Geospatial Firm TerraQuanta Joins Fray

Despite an increasingly crowded field of firms offering geospatial analysis, Chengdu-based TerraQuanta has begun offering agricultural analysis, primarily focused on the Chinese market. The company launched TerraFuture which covers more ...

Alternative Data Firm Geospatial Insight Launches New Modeling Initiative

UK-based satellite and aerial imagery analysis provider Geospatial Insight hired a senior MATLAB quant to lead a new GeoFinance service designed to model how geographic contingencies such as natural disasters ...

Geospatial Analysis Firm Orbital Insight Buys AI Firm

Orbital Insight, a geospatial big data company, acquired FeatureX, an artificial intelligence company specializing in analyzing satellite imagery.  Terms of the acquisition were not announced.  Separately, Orbital Insight expanded its ...
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New Geospatial Firm Granular Developing Satellite-Driven Economic Indices

Startup geospatial analysis firm is hoping to challenge Spaceknow’s economic indicators as it seeks to capitalize on growing demand for near-time metrics. The firm is beginning to market the ...

Geospatial Data Firm Spire Global Challenges Planet Labs

Spire Global, a vertically integrated geospatial data company, recently signed launch agreements with European space launcher Arianespace as it expands its constellations of wine bottle-sized cubesats to rival competitor Planet ...

Geospatial Firm Bird.i Focuses on Construction

Glasgow-based satellite imagery firm Bird.i is morphing from a low-cost vendor of satellite imagery for do-it-yourselfers to a more structured sectoral focus.  Despite its increasing emphasis on the construction industry, ...

Geospatial Analysis Firm Orbital Insight Adds Two More Distribution Deals

Orbital Insight, a geospatial big data company, inked distribution deals with industry research firms in the energy and construction sectors as it broadens its strategy to use partnerships to expand ...

Geospatial Firm RS Metrics Distributes Through CME Group

Reflecting an expanded product line since changing CEOs a year ago, RS Metrics is distributing its copper data through CME Group’s DataMine service. CME added RS Metrics' satellite imagery-based estimates ...

Geospatial Analysis Firm Orbital Insight Distributes Car Count Data Through Bloomberg

Orbital Insight, a geospatial big data company, is distributing its car count data via the Bloomberg Terminal as it pursues a third-party distribution strategy. Coverage is for 80 US retailers ...
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