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MKT MediaStats Uses AI to Generate Thematic Research

Research Boutique MKT MediaStats uses natural language processing and machine learning to identify and monitor investment themes emerging from social media and news sources.  The firm has a long-standing partnership ...

Alternative Data Firm RavenPack Looks to Diversify

RavenPack signaled its intention to expand beyond sentiment data by naming a Chief Strategy Officer to “spearhead the delivery of new business lines.”  The firm is re-positioning itself as a ...
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Alt Data Firm RavenPack Opens Swank New Offices

As if its location on Spain’s Costa del Sol were not enough, sentiment data provider RavenPack opened elaborate new offices with all the appurtenances of a successful fintech firm.  The ...

GTCOM-US Launches Chinese Sentiment Data on Bloomberg

Santa Clara, CA-based research and data analytics provider, GTCOM Technology Corporation (GTCOM-US) recently announced that it has released its sentiment data from Chinese sources on key companies, economic activity and ...

RavenPack Launches New Insider Transactions Data Service

News sentiment analysis provider RavenPack recently announced that it has launched its Insider Transactions Data Solution, including 20 years of data on insider transactions combined with the firm’s proprietary news ...

Study by AQR Academic Offers New Approach to Sentiment Analysis

AQR’s head of machine learning collaborated with other academics to build a text-mining model that differs from the approach used by current sentiment analysis providers.  The new model outperformed RavenPack’s ...

State Street Adds Macro Indicators Based on Sentiment Data

State Street released Macro Linkages Indicators that measure inter-asset pairings as part of its suite of data developed in partnership with MKT MediaStats. Macro Linkages Indicators are sentiment indicators that ...

Alternative Data Firm RavenPack Raises $10 Million for Geographic Expansion

News sentiment analysis provider RavenPack received a $10 million investment from UK merchant bank G.P. Bullhound.  The raise will support expansion in Asia as well as diversification beyond the financial ...

Dealogic Buys News Parser Selerity

Its acquisition by Dealogic completes Selerity’s evolution from low-latency news to AI-driven automation of sell-side workflows.  As such, Dealogic is a great fit for the firm.  Acquisition terms were not ...

Alternative Data Firm RavenPack Releases Portfolio Tool

In a bid to attract more traditional asset management clients, news sentiment analysis provider RavenPack launched a new portfolio ranking tool based on sentiment factors. The new tool provides on-demand ...
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