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Dataminr Cuts Off CIA

After receiving publicity that it received investment from the Central Intelligence Agency’s venture capital arm, Dataminr is seeking to distance itself from US intelligence agencies, according to an article in ...

Foursquare Nails Chipotle Forecast Showcasing Power of its Alternative Data

Foursquare, a location-oriented technology company, is betting its future on alternative data and to demonstrate its new capabilities Foursquare successfully forecasted restaurant chain Chipotle’s recently announced 30% drop in same ...

Chinese Regulators Seek Controls on Distribution of Research Through Social Media

Chinese regulators are requesting Chinese brokerages to implement better controls on distribution of research reports through social media, as equity analysts have increasingly posted videos to promote stock recommendations. In ...

New Startup Mines Social Media For Political Risk

The Chairman of Teneo Intelligence, an advisory firm which has expanded its policy research capabilities over the past few years, has founded a startup using ‘big data’ to calculate political ...
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Alternative Data Platform Thinknum Plans International Coverage

Thinknum, a NY-based alternative data platform primarily focused on US datasets, will be expanding coverage internationally, according to an interview with co-founder Justin Zhen. The Thinknum platform has collected fifty ...
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New Quant Research Firm Models Alternative Data

ExtractAlpha, a quantitative research firm seeking to extract signals from alternative data, recently launched a new product based on consumer behavior mined from product reviews, search queries and social networks. ...
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UBS Expands Primary Research Unit

UBS Evidence Lab, a primary research unit associated with UBS Investment Research, is recruiting to fill four positions, each representing a different facet of its primary research toolkit. UBS Evidence ...
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Eagle Alpha Publishes White Paper on Sentiment Analysis

Eagle Alpha released a white paper assessing the pros and cons of sentiment analysis. Eagle Alpha no longer solely focuses on market sentiment but continues to incorporate sentiment analysis in ...
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2015 Review: Big Data

2015 was a pivotal year for the application of big data to investment research. 1010data, with its roots in the financial community mining mortgage data, sold for a princely $500 ...

Yet Another Sentiment Analysis Firm Launches

Dragonfish is a new entrant in the crowded sentiment data field. It provides three different end-of-day data feeds for algorithmic and proprietary trading. The first feed covers stocks in the ...
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