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White Paper Finds Value in News Sentiment Data

Lucena Research, an artificial intelligence supplier to hedge funds, released a white paper outlining a trading strategy based on news sentiment indicators developed by RavenPack International S.L.  The back tested ...

Big Data Firm Dataminr Raises $87 Million

Dataminr, which generates news and signals from Twitter, has raised $87,130,100 in new funding according to documents filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.  The latest round brings Dataminr's ...
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New Product: Eagle Alpha Curated Social Media Feeds

Eagle Alpha Limited, a ‘big data’ research firm which mines insights from social media and the web, offers a series of curated feeds including a global macro news feed targeted ...

Social Media & Markets

The key role that Twitter played in breaking the news about police abuses in Ferguson, Missouri highlights the growing importance of social media.  Big data, including social media resources like ...

The Future of “Big Data” and Other Musings

Yesterday afternoon, at the Intelligent Trading Summit held in New York City, I moderated an insightful panel on the growing use of big data and data driven analytics in the ...

A Vision for Big Data

Big data is like teenage sex: everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing ...

Big Data and Investment Research: Part 2

Last week we wrote about why buy-side firms are considering adding “big data” analytic techniques to their research process.  This week, we will investigate the impact that “big data” is ...

Financial Social Media Coming of Age?

Gnip, a data provider specializing in social media feeds, released a whitepaper saying that mining social media for financial market insights is three years behind branding analysis, and is reaching ...

Crowd Sourced Stock Ideas Beat Wall Street Analysts

A recent academic study revealed that the stock market ideas published on internet investor forum Seeking Alpha outperformed the research written by Wall Street analysts and articles published by financial ...

Franklin Templeton Sponsors Buy-Side Innovation Conference

Last week asset manager Franklin Templeton, held their inaugural “Alpha Innovation Required” (AIR) summit in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where a hand-picked group of interesting technology vendors presented how their products ...
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