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Currency Research Firm Exante Advisors Hires Policy Analyst

Exante Advisors, the FX research firm founded by Nomura’s former head of fixed income research, is adding an expert in trade policy according to an open letter from founder Jens ...

US Gov’t Charges Insider Trading Against Providers & Users of Political Intelligence

Last month, the U.S. Department of Justice and the SEC brought indictments against political intelligence analyst David Blaszczak, a current CMS executive, and two hedge fund analysts for allegedly using ...

Policy Firm Medley Global Dogged By Fed Scandal

Policy research firm Medley Global Advisors continues to struggle with a festering US Federal Reserve scandal centering on an alleged 2012 leak.  Probes will likely persist despite the recent resignation ...

TS Lombard Hires Former BNP Paribas Economist

London based independent economic and policy research firm, TS Lombard, recently hired Ken Wattret, formerly a top economist at BNP Paribas.  The real question is whether this is just the ...
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FBR’s Equity Revenues Fall Despite MLV Acquisition

Equities revenues for FBR & Co., a mid-market investment bank, have resumed their slide in spite of acquiring boutique bank MLV & Co.  The disappointing results are particularly frustrating for ...
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TS Lombard Launches New Policy Research Service Reflecting Recent Merger

Economic and policy research firm TS Lombard is launching a new service providing policy research on developed markets, as Trusted Sources broadens its focus from emerging markets.   The launch signals ...
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Euro IRP Chair Joins TS Lombard

The interim Euro IRP Chairman, Christopher Deavin, appointed three months ago, has joined economic research firm TS Lombard as the head of sales. In the new role, Deavin will manage ...
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Breaking News: Integrity Research Is Connected To CIA

Integrity Research Associates is affiliated with a CIA front operation, according to an article in Culture of Life News, a blog providing “ruthless analysis of history and modern events”. The ...

Political Intelligence Consultant Now Target of Federal Probe

A few weeks ago the Wall Street Journal published a story revealing that a former CMS employee and political intelligence consultant has become the target of a federal probe into ...

Washington Research Group Joins Cowen After 5 Years With Guggenheim Securities

Venerable policy firm the Washington Research Group has joined Cowen Group after nearly five years affiliation with Guggenheim Securities.  Cowen is also expanding its policy research offering through a distribution ...
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