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Lil’ Orphan Washington Research Group

Pity the Washington Research Group.  Their parent, MF Global, is now history and they are orphaned, for the fourth time.  The only consolation is that they are used to it. Washington ...

Legal Insider Information

New York, NY – Last week, The Wall Street Journal published an article about a former lobbyist who is paid handsomely by hedge funds to share information regarding significant governmental ...

Bloomberg Makes Biggest Purchase with BNA

New York, NY – Last Thursday, Bloomberg, L.P., the New York-based financial information and media giant, announced the largest acquisition in the company’s 30-year history, with a $990 mln bid ...
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Investors Increase Focus on Washington

ResearchWatch subscribers can download the full ResearchFocus report for free: Policy ResearchFocus FINAL 4-21-10 Policy research, which investors use to track trends in Washington, has increased in scope and popularity, ...
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